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The Ez86 Editor for Assembly Language

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Ez86 was written entirely in assembly language using the A86 assembler. It is an extremely useful programming tool. Ez86 utilizes built in utilities to make coding in assembly much simpler. The bigger your project, the more you will appreciate Ez86.

For more information on A86, go to the Authors web site Download A86 Now !

Some of the features of the Ez86 editor

  • Complete Source Code Available !

  • Current status of each session is saved including place marks .

  • Jump to any label from pick list .

  • Line Undo .

  • Auto Insert Box, and line draw .

  • Hot Key insert of comment headers, local labels, and string data .

  • Built in macros for commenting out areas of text, or removing comments

  • Key scan utility displays scan codes for any key entered with paste .

  • Video utility calculates offset to cursor location, with paste .

  • ASCII utility displays ASCII characters and codes - with paste .

  • Convert to Upper/Lower case for word-block-line .

  • Line or column mark, copy, cut, paste, delete .

  • Time date stamp .

  • Search, search replace -replace all - with search history pick list.

  • Case sensitive or insensitive prompted search.

  • Push or Pop file position .

  • Go to line number .

  • Color chart with hexadecimal codes .

  • Calculator for light duty calculations - with paste.

  • Syntax highlighting for labels, and local forward references.

  • Edit files of up to 3000 lines.

  • Windowing function allows up to 7 files at one time, with jump to window from list.

  • DOS shell, or shell to run make file.

  • More.....................................................

Download the Shareware version of Ez86 Now !